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With several central, eastern economies performing well, it could exceed 2024 forecasts
9 Apr 2024
Shift back to state capitalism incompatible with development, return to robust growth
9 Apr 2024
Asian giant struggles with a massive disadvantage in the great-power competition with the United States
5 Apr 2024
US deal-making accounted for 61% of global transactions, and even the biggest deals involving EMEA targets had US buyers
3 Apr 2024
Efforts by the Basel Committee to establish a common framework face potentially insuperable odds
1 Apr 2024
New global institutions needed to confront AI regulation, peace-building challenges
28 Mar 2024
Move could help developing countries, including India, boost their energy transitions
27 Mar 2024
Nation can no longer claim to be economically small developing country with few global spillovers
26 Mar 2024
Should rating agencies get in the way of live capital markets transactions?
25 Mar 2024
Roots of dissatisfaction trace back to advanced economies’ use of bodies like the WTO
21 Mar 2024
Growing trillion-dollar tech firms pouring resources into energy to boost efficiency
20 Mar 2024
Southeast Asian businesses need to embrace digitalization and sound risk management to build on their growing role in global trade networks
19 Mar 2024
Country’s unique traditional value system has underpinned past prosperity, innovation
14 Mar 2024
Small, open economies do better with strategies specifically tailored to their economies
9 Mar 2024